My love for the camera goes back to university days where it paid the fees and provided beer money. Since retiring from the corporate world, I have had time to do what I really enjoy - traveling with my wife, cycling all over the world and sailing in way out places.

Most importantly, I am now able to pursue my passion for photography, in particular the art-nude genre with its subtle interplay of light and shadow on that ultimate of all canvasses - the female form.
While classical nude studies are timelessly beautiful, I love to experiment, encouraging the models I work with to help me find ways to add interest and "an edge" to our work. For example, juxtaposing cold steel and warm flesh, binding rough hessian rope on delicate feminine skin or by playing erotically charged, tongue in cheek mind games with the observer. Introducing male or female counterparts, scraps of fabric, decorative rope work or the Japanese Shibari art form assists in building the intrigue.
Our challenge as photographer, model or observer is to enter into this intrigue and have fun exploring, exposing and celebrating the wiles, sensuality and ravishing appeal of the female form.

My family line extends back to the early 1800's world of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. They explored the fantasy of dark forests, cruel witches and hapless, unsuspecting individuals caught up in the plot. Their fantasies continue to excite and intrigue . . .

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